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Benefits of coffee

Benefits of coffee:

Benefits of coffee

Coffee has very many benefits, whether you are athletic and want to improve your level in sports, or you are overweight and want to reduce your weight. In this article, you will know what the benefits of coffee are. The most important 3 benefits of coffee and we know what doses you use to take advantage of coffee and to avoid taking an extra dose that it does not need your body

Benefits of coffee:

1- Fat Burning:

Benefits of coffee

Coffee is one of the most important fat burners in the human body. It begins to supply metabolism (metabolism) in the human body at an average of 11%. If you drink a cup of coffee in the day after you wake up, this increases the rate of burning you have throughout the day, and the higher the rate of burning in your body the more I lost more fat


2- Adrenaline supply:

Benefits of coffee

When you drink a cup of coffee before your workout, it becomes unnecessary with coffee. This increases the hormone adrenaline in the blood. With the increase in the hormone adrenaline, it starts to increase the use of fats as a source of energy, and thus begins to provide carbohydrates or calicogen in the muscles, thus improving your effort in exercise and providing you with energy.

3- Increases brain function:

Caffeine in coffee improves your memory a lot and increases metabolism, and this explains why after drinking coffee, your attention and focus increases.


4- Reduces depression:

Benefits of coffee

The caffeine found in coffee and chocolate reduces depression and increases relaxation


What is the right dose for the body:

For an adult: 400 mg per day, approximately 4 cups of coffee

For pregnant women: 200 mg daily, approximately 2 cups of coffee per day

For children and adolescents, 100 mg of a cup of coffee per day


What are the symptoms if you take a higher dose of your need for caffeine

1- Nervousness

2- Insomnia

3- High blood pressure

4- Drought