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zumba dance workout for beginners step by step 2021

 zumba dance workout for beginners step by step

In our world, where sport has become an important and essential thing to maintain our health Today we will talk about zumba.

 Zumba is a Colombian fitness program created by Beto Perez in the 1990, based on Latin dance and aerobics. About 14 million people receive weekly lessons in Zumba in 14 thousand places in more than 150 countries.

What do you know about zumba dance ?

These Latin dance movements represent a group of Latin dance types (such as Samba - Salsa - Reciton - Cumbia - Merengue - Billy Dance) .

it is one of the fastest types of aerobic exercises spread in the world, and it is a group of dances for each dance specific design to the rhythm of Latin melodies and the zumba can Burn between 500 to 800 calories per hour, in addition to it eliminating depression.

zumba dance workout for beginners step by step 2021

How do zumba dance for beginners ?

Almost all of the Zumba branded classes are designed as 45 to 60 minute group exercise classes led by a Zumba certified trainer.

 These are usually offered in gyms and fitness centers, although Zumba coaches are welcome to take market lessons on their own, or host workouts at parks, schools, or other venues, But beginners can practice Zumba dancing at home by watching the YouTube videos.

Watch this zumba dance workout for beginners step by step 2021 video

How to Do Zumba at Home ?

Zumba is a high-energy exercise that winds through the heart. You can participate in a Zumba Dance Party no matter your fitness level, age or dance ability.

 If you don't feel comfortable doing Zumba in the gym, or can't afford it, you can easily practice Zumba in your own living room! Just find the right video, commit to exercising regularly, and have fun.

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4 Ways to Do Zumba at Home for beginners step by step

  • Talk to your doctor before beginning. If you aren’t very physically active, take medications.

  • Try a workout classes at a gym

  • Ask a friend to dance workout with you

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes

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zumba dance workout for beginners for weight loss

You may be able to burn between 300 and 900 calories in one hour of using a medium to high-intensity zumba.

 Doing zumba two or three times a week, along with weekly strength training sessions and eating a balanced diet, may help you achieve your weight-loss goals.