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Home Exercises Without Equipment -Get Fit

Home Exercises Without Equipment -Get Fit

So you want to start working out and get fit, but you don’t want to leave the house?

No problem!

Our site OurLife56 specialize in helping people do Home Exercises Without Equipment

  and get fit from home just.

you can start training today: no gym or equipment required!

Home workout program for beginners

You don't need a gym membership to dissolve those unwanted blemishes and look fit. In fact, you don't even need equipment. Use this super simple body weight workout from the Great Women's Health Exercise Book to burn fat, strengthen every muscle, and improve your fitness.

How to do it ?

Perform this exercise as a circuit, completing the prescribed number of repetitions of each exercise without rest. Once you have done one set of each exercise, rest for two minutes, then repeat the entire cycle one or two more times.

Regardless of which home exercise you choose, I want you to start with one important thing:


You should always warm up, it doesn't have to be a lot, so give it about five minutes to get your muscles active and raise your heart rate.

This will help you perform the exercises properly and help prevent injury. You can run around, do air punches and kicks, or jump with some jacks.

Beginner Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises watch it 

(Advanced) Warm-up:

  • Jump rope: 2-3 minutes
  • Jumping Jacks: 25 reps
  • Body Weight Squat: 20 reps
  • Lunge: 5 reps with each leg.
  • Hip extensions: 10 reps per side
  • Hip Cycles: 5 for each leg
  • Leg swing forward: 10 per leg
  • Lateral leg swings: 10 per leg
  • Pushup: 10-20 reps
  • Spider-Man Steps: 10 reps

Our goal is not to get you tired, instead we want to warm you up.

This is the first step.

Completing your chosen exercise at home will be the second step.

Home Exercises Without Equipment -Get Fit

This home routine, as we mentioned in our article on bodyweight exercise for beginners, is as follows:

  • Body Weight Squat: 20 reps
  • Pushup: 10 reps
  • Walking lunge: 10 per leg
  • Dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug or other weight): 10 per arm.
  • Plank: 15 seconds
  • Jumping: 30 reps

The above is what we call “circuit training,” and the goal is to run through the exercise sequence once, then again, and then again.

Sometimes, you find yourself stuck in a hotel room. Maybe you can find a hotel gym, but I bet it's horrible! It might have a McCain, a defective treadmill, and no free weights.

Alternatively, how about a 20-minute workout that you can do in the same room! Use the furniture to its full capacity.

Level 1

Body Weight Squat: 20 reps
Incline Pushups: 15 reps (feet on the floor, hands on the edge of a bed or desk)
Single arm luggage rows: 10 reps (each arm used your weight bag)
Reverse crunch: 10 reps

Level 2

Squat exercise: 25 reps
Push-up: 20 reps
Inverted rows using the desk in your hotel room: 10 reps
Reverse crunch: 15 reps
Set your alarm 15 minutes from now and see how many circuits you can make!

What is the best home workout without equipment?

  • 10-minute workout without equipment
  • Reverse lunge, 6 reps per side, The reverse lunge helps straighten the thighs and hips.
  • Lateral squat, 6 reps per side.
  • Pushup, 10 reps.
  • Hip bridges, 10 reps. .
  • Mountain climbers, 30 seconds.

These are the most effective no-equipment exercises
 Squats are well known and very important to an exercise routine.
Stabs, Septh and Chase's earlier comments also apply to stab wounds.
push up.
Balance poses.

How to do home exercises without equipment to lose weight ?

 the  best exercises for weight loss?

Here are the 9 best exercises for losing weight.
  • Walking, Walking is one of the best exercises for losing weight - and with good reason. 
  • Jogging or running, Jogging and running are great exercises to help you lose weight. 
  • Cycling. 
  • Weight training.
  • Intermittent training.
  • swimming.
  • Yoga.
  • Pilates.
  • Zumba 
Read more about zumba

Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough to lose weight (equipment)? 

Researchers found that men who were moderately overweight and who exercised strenuous enough to sweat for 30 minutes a day lost an average of 8 pounds over three months compared to the average weight loss of 6 pounds among men who exercised for 60 minutes.
 in a day The overall loss in body mass was the same for both groups, roughly 9 pounds.

Body weight exercises

The best body weight exercises you can do anywhere
Lower body: squat air.
Lower Body: Lunge Walk.
Lower body: rear lunge.
Lower body: one leg bridge.
Lower body: Bulgarian squat.
Lower body: butt bridge.
Lower Body: Plyo Lunge .
Lower body: one leg half-squatting.

Can you do body weight exercises every day?

Here's the good news - you can do body weight exercises every day. This means if you want to train and don't have access to the gym or any facilities or equipment, you don't have to sacrifice your workouts. Body weight exercises can be challenging on the body, which means rest and recovery are important.

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