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Keto Diet For Beginners And Keto Recipes

   Keto Diet Recipes For Beginners

Keto Diet For Beginners , from A to Z , As usual on Our Life Healthy And Fitness , we will talk about everything related to health and nutrition, so today our article will be about Keto Diet For Beginners And Keto Recipes , Is it a  keto diet to lose weight  harmful to our health or not .

And you find there are those who praise the ketogenic diet and others who warn about keto diet and talk about the risk of following it , But what is the keto diet in detail ? What are the items that are forbidden to eat on the keto diet ?

This is what we will talk about in detail in addition to the benefits and harms of the keto diet . 

What Is a Keto Diet ?

The keto Or what is known as ketogenic diet or low carb or high fats diet , is one of the most famous and widespread diet in recent times to lose excess weight in a short period, and many opinions , views , and warnings revolve around it as well .

keto diet plan is a low carb , high fat diet that offers many health benefits , It is very useful for people who suffer from some diseases , which we will review later in this article .

Keto Diet For Beginners And Keto Recipes

What is the basis for keto?

The ketogenic diets  relies heavily on avoiding the carb component (low carbohydrate ketogenic) , and carbs are all carbohydrates and sugars .

ketogenic diet is a high fat content, so we find that the proportion of fat required to eat reaches seventy percent, and the average protein intake is about twenty-five percent only.

From the above, the fat low carbohydrate ketogenic diet ,  we find that the keto diet forces the body to consume stored white fats and makes them in the form of ketones , which are used in the production of energy instead of extracting energy from carbohydrates .

Eating healthy fats becomes ketosis , eating a lot of carbohydrates does not become them .

Calories eaten on the keto program

what you must realize is that in order to achieve a real weight loss , you must reduce the amount of calories you eat from the normal range .

If you follow the ketogenic diet or any diet without cutting calories , no fat will be burned , so you must first reduce your calories and then divide the amount of calories into high fat , medium protein , and very low carbohydrates .

An example of calories on the keto diet

A person has 2,500 calories .
 If he wants to follow a keto diet to lose weight, he must eat daily :
  • 208 grams per day of healthy beneficial unsaturated fats such as olive oil and fish oil .
  • 125 grams per day of protein , whether it is animal protein such as chicken and red meat or vegetarian legumes such as lentils.
  • Only 30 grams of carbohydrate per day .

Types of ketogenic Diets 

Standard ketogenic diet

This is a very low carbohydrates , moderate protein and high fat diet , It typically contains 70% fat , 20% protein , and only 10% carbs .

Cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD)

This diet involves periods of higher carb refeeds , such as 5 ketogenic days followed by 2 high carb days .

This type is very suitable for bodybuilders whose goal from the keto diet is to build a lean , massive muscle mass, as follows:
Regularly on the ketogenic diet for seven days, then on the eighth day a high amount of carbohydrates is consumed . 
The goal is to stimulate the metabolism rate and replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles .

Targeted ketogenic diet 

It is suitable for players in extreme and violent sports that require high strength and strong performance during exercise , and in which the player does not eat any carbohydrates throughout the day , But thirty minutes before the exercise , he eats an amount of about fifty grams of clean , fast-absorbing carp .

High protein ketogenic diet

This is similar to a standard ketogenic diet , but contains more protein , The ratio is usually 60% fat , 35% protein , 5% carbohydrates .

What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body uses fats as fuel instead of carbohydrates .

It occurs when you drastically reduce your carbohydrate intake , which limits your body's supply of glucose (sugar) , which is the main source of energy for cells .

Keto Recipes 

Allowed and not Allowed in keto diet

Carbohydrate foods are allowed on the ketogenic diet 

There are some foods that are somewhat low in carbohydrates and can be eaten on the keto diet , including:
  • Broccoli .
  • Beneficial vegetables .
  • Broccoli sprouts .
  • the strawberry .
  • Cranberries .

Foods that are forbidden on the keto diet

 Foods that are not permissible to eat on the keto diet because they are rich in carbohydrates:
Foods with high amounts of sugar , such as: grapes , dates , melons , bananas , potatoes , sugar .
Food rich in starches : bread , oats , potatoes , pasta , baked goods and sweets .

Allowed protein on a keto diet

As previously mentioned , the permissible amount of protein on a keto diet is moderate or moderate .

We find that bodybuilders and athletes who follow the keto diet are working to increase this percentage of protein , because their goal of following the system is to build muscle and not lose weight .

don't worry about an increase in protein in the keto diet , and foods rich in protein and fat at the same time:
  • Duck meat .
  • Sheep meat .
  • Salmon, sardines and other seafood .

keto diet plan for beginners

The keto diet requires you to eat a high percentage of fats per day , as we mentioned , it may reach 70% of your total calories per day , and these fats are your main source of energy in this system , so you can get these fats from  eating the following sources:
  1.  natural oils such as olive oil , coconut oil , fish oil , sunflower oil .
  2.  fruits like avocado that is rich in omega-3 .
  3.  From whole milk products , such as: cream , butter , ghee , heavy fatty cheese , cream cheese  .
  4. Eating Nuts such as cashews , chia seeds , peanut butter , and almond butter .

Healthy snacks in keto diet recipes

  1. Fatty meat or fish .
  2. cheese.
  3. A handful of nuts or seeds .
  4. Keto sushi bites .
  5. olive .
  6. One or two hard-boiled eggs .
  7. Keto-friendly snack bars .
  8. 90% dark chocolate .
  9. Full-fat Greek yogurt mixed with nut butter and cocoa powder .
  10. Sweet pepper and guacamole .
  11. Plain strawberry and cottage cheese .
  12. Celery with salsa and guacamole .
  13. Dried beef .
  14. Smaller portions of leftover meals .
  15. Grease bombs .

 Benefits of keto diet ( ketogenic )

For cases of :
  • epilepsy .
  • diabetes .
  • cancer .
  • keto is suitable and greatly beneficial to them and helps them lose weight and reduce the symptoms of the diseases they suffer .
  • For healthy and healthy people, they do not need this diet and can lose weight with any other balanced diet that contains an adequate amount of carbohydrates to nourish the brain and muscles.
  • The keto diet shows effective results at the beginning of its commitment because it stimulates the body to lose a high amount of water stored in the body's cells .
  • A study proved that the ketogenic diet is involved in treating some types of headaches , which are chronic migraines .
  • The keto diet works to regulate the rate of blood pressure .
  • Improves blood sugar level .
  • keto  contributes to treating depression , stress and anxiety and saves you from insomnia .

What are the disadvantages of the keto diet ?

keto diet safe ?

First ,  the keto flu occurs , and it is considered a group of carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms that  appear when abstaining from carbohydrates suddenly, namely :
  • The occurrence of cramps .
  • Intestinal disorders between diarrhea and constipation .
  • Nausea .
  • Nervousness .

Secondly ,  ketoacidosis occurs due to not feeding the cells with glucose , so your body produces high amounts of ketones in the blood , up to 10 m mol per liter , and here these symptoms appear as a result of what happened :
  • Severe abdominal pain .
  •  hard breathing .
  • Vomiting .
  • Frequent urination .
  • Severe drought and the need for water periodically .
Third ,  the biggest harm to this diet is that it is not guaranteed and has unknown long-term harms . 
This diet requires high care and periodic checks for kidney function, liver function, accumulated sugar and cholesterol level , or follow-up with a nutritionist periodically so as not to suffer any major damage  .

People not allowed keto diet.

  • Kidney disease .
  • People with liver disease and those with pancreatic problems .
  • Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women in any way .
  • Not suitable for muzzles .
  • Children are not allowed .