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Zumba classes workout for beginners

Zumba workout for beginners

Zumba workout is a fitness  classes of dance is a Latin  combination of dances and fitness  moves ,  Zumba fitness workout  class  routines include interval training Rotating fast and slow strokes to help improve cardiovascular ,  Zumba fitness is a latin inspired  .

We talked about  Zumba class  in general , and now we'll talk more about the Zumba dance workout , and  Who invented Zumba  ,  How was Zumba created  , When was Zumba  classes  invented  .

Zumba Dance Workout

These dance fitness classes  are  movements represent  a group of Latin dancing  types (such as Samba - Salsa - Reciton - Cumbia - Merengue - Billy Dance) , It is also called ِaerobics exercises .

Zumba classes workout for beginners

The music from the following dance styles : 

  • cumbia 
  • salsa 
  • merengue
  • mambo
  • flamenco 
  • chacha
  • reggaeton 
  • soca 
  • samba 
  • hip-hop 
  • ax 
  • tango
  • high energy musics
There are 10 types of  classes  for different levels of age .

which is one of the fastest types of aerobic exercise in spreading in the world , and
these  are a group of dances  classes  for each specific design dance  moves  to the  rhythms  of tunes .

 These considers Home Exercises Without Equipment to get fit and  fun  ,  just  the music by your side , and have  fun .

When and Who invented Zumba  classes 

is a Colombian fitness program created by Beto Perez in the 1990 It is called Beto Zumba  , based on Latin dance and aerobics.

 About 14 million people receive weekly lessons in program  Classes   in 14 thousand places in more than 150  countries  .

Zumba dance for beginners step by step

Almost all of the Zumba branded  classes  are designed as 45 to 60 minute group exercise led by a Zumba certified trainer .
 These are usually offered in gyms and fitness centers, although Zumba  coaches are welcome to take market lessons on their own, or host workouts at parks, schools, or other venues , But beginners can practice  class  dancing at home .

The  program  exercise  cardio studio is offering   free Zumba classes  10- to 45-minute watching in Youtube Zumba  class   . 

Keep these in mind before  class   :

  • Talk to your doctor before beginning  ,  If you aren’t very physically active , take medications .
  • Wear sportswear : shorts , sleeveless shirts , sweatpants , etc .
  • Wear dance shoes or sneakers : You will move your feet a lot , make sure your feet are comfortable .
  •  get  Bottle of water or the Gatorade to the class : You need to rehydrate between dances , Drink a lot after  class , too !

Types  of Zumba Dancing

There are more than  types of  Zumba  classes  but the following are the most prominent of  them :


ِA mix of  classes  moves ,  is for people of all age groups .
The set of steps helps burn  calories  and  lose weight  and get  boost muscle strength and flexibility. 

Zumba Step

combination of aerobic steps class , Steps is suitable for those people seeking harmony and building strength around their legs .


Just like a cardio exercise , Toning helps you develop the muscles in the abdomen , arms , thighs , and everything in your body .

Zumba Gold

Designed for older men and women , the golden  exercise  takes the tension out with music and makes it   fun  as  you might hear it in a  salsa  party  program  .

classes  dances for kids

Perfect for younger Children between the  of 7 and 11 get a chance to be active and enjoy ,  fun  their favorite music.

 Kids Classes feature kid-friendly routines based on the original  choreography .

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